Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My second new chapbook of 2013, MY FORMER POLITICS, is just out today from H-NGM-N Books. I'm so excited about this and have been posting lines all day on Twitter and Facebook in spare moments, sometimes baby-on-lap. Here's a few:

---a feeling that is monstrous---and wonderful---
---all the intelligence required to feel---and to keep feeling---bewildered---
---like hearing it’s on the way---when it’s already here---
---forgetting what I was saying---I always forget what---and I always am saying---
---there’s this place I live---blindly---
---it looks easy---traveling via various equations---venting off the vapors---that protect---the economy---
---flowers seeding---the sound of a sound---hair on the back of a baby 
---so you know to go the way---impasse---provides---

This chapbook took shape out of poems with holes in them, some of which were published in journals like The Modern Review and Sorry 4 Snake. A longer interview about my process will appear on H-NGM-N's tumblr feed.

Please click the image for a link to the book!

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